Free Class – April 26th, 2014

Our next class will be Saturday, April 26th 2014. It will be at Garfield Park Community Gym in Grand Rapids MI, and runs from 6pm to 7pm. Practice makes perfect, so feel free to sign up even if you have taken the class before.


  • Please RSVP by commenting below if you plan to come. Walk-ins are also welcome.
  • April 26th 2014, 6pm to 7pm at Garfield Park Gym (map)
  • This date has so many RSVPs it may go into overtime till 7:30 or 8:00pm
  • Class is woman only, ages 13 and up
  • You will be physically doing moves
  • You will need to sign a liability waiver

Classes are about half safety tips and half physical. For the physical part you will be moving around and actually getting to try the moves out, dress accordingly. The moves are designed to be done no matter what you are in, so play it safe and wear gym shoes/clothes, or go for realistic practice if you are up for it and wear whatever you would wear out. The choice is yours. Feel free to bring a bottled water or anything else that would make you comfortable.

Classes are kept fun and empowering. They are free, so we have no reason to use scare-tactics to get you to buy anything.

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