Mission Statement:

The mission of Safety And Self-Defense Solutions (S.A.S.S.) is to teach free women’s self defense and safety, in an empowering way, to the general public.


Free means free. We charge zero dollars for our monthly public classes, zero dollars for access to our website, and zero dollars for educational materials and literature if you would like to make them available at your school or place of business. We do accept donations to make this possible, but we won’t pressure you to donate.

Self-Defense and Safety, means both the physical act of defending yourself, and also precautions and guidance that can help you make decisions which can prevent trouble before it gets physical, or even before it starts.

Empowering means we give you the most effective options, so that YOU can make your own choices based on whatever situation you might be in. As a non-profit we have no reason to use fear-based marketing or scare tactics to secure a “sale”. We actively seek to avoid society’s subtle victim-blaming.

Women's Self Defense