Safety Tips

Here are some of the safety tips taught in our class. There are many useful safety tips that can help you avoid dangerous situations. It is important to note however, that whether you remember to use these tips or not, it is never your fault if you are attacked. It is the attacker’s fault.

Just Yell “Fire”

The best way to get attention.

Trust your danger instincts

Don’t ignore the little voice that tells you when something seems “off”.

Escape if possible

It is always safer to flee rather than fight.

Fight back if you can’t escape

Always fight back, never bargain.

Never go with them

Going to a second location is always a bad idea.

Property is not worth it

It’s much safer to call and cancel your credit cards than get into a fistfight over your purse.

Enforcing bounaries

How close is too close? Maintaining the correct distance can keep a situation from getting physical.

Projecting confidence

Attackers look for easy targets, so act like a difficult target.

Stay Alert

Keeping a close eye on your surrounding can keep you from being caught off guard.

Parking lot safety

Some useful tips for parking lots.

Jogging safety

Some useful tips for joggers.

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